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Should I make this - an 'escape the room' game?

2015-02-09 05:29:41 by devilsgarage

I've been playing around with 3d a bit now and getting more comfortable with it. On the other hand while I'm not working on 3D, I've been enjoying good 'Escape the Room' games like @Impendingriot - Alice is Dead series @pastelgames - Great X Escape  and @seanjames - "What do we do now?"



Honk if you like Fallout 3

2015-01-26 03:33:22 by devilsgarage

With the recent migration to 3d, I've been sharpning some lowpoly environmental scenes.
Here's a model of Tenpenny Tower from Fallout 3. Enjoy the crappy 3d gifcapture


See the fully rendered version of this here


See the completed work here


More Low Poly Art!

2015-01-04 22:51:31 by devilsgarage

Been chipping away at cinema4d - here are some of lowpoly on dribble.


Lazy Thief is out on Newgrounds!

2014-11-22 10:42:08 by devilsgarage



And it's a featured game! Thanks Tom and everyone at Newgrounds


Happy Clock Day 2014!

2014-08-15 17:49:23 by devilsgarage

MVNight and me worked on a collaboration 3 months back but we never finished it on time for Newgrounds Construct 2 Game Jam. We scrapped the idea and reworkd the entire game for Clock Day 2014 ;)

Play our game here!

Happy Cloock Day, Clockers!

Play ---->



Fetch Me My Sword - Short Animation

2014-07-14 14:08:50 by devilsgarage


Phew, I finally released the king animation

show your support, go vote! :D


Screenshot Saturday!


new games in the making

2014-05-11 17:26:14 by devilsgarage

I'll be taking part in the construct 2 game jam! Gen Tech name Generator