Should I make this - an 'escape the room' game?

2015-02-09 05:29:41 by devilsgarage

I've been playing around with 3d a bit now and getting more comfortable with it. On the other hand while I'm not working on 3D, I've been enjoying good 'Escape the Room' games like @Impendingriot - Alice is Dead series @pastelgames - Great X Escape  and @seanjames - "What do we do now?"




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2015-02-09 08:29:39

[You drink the water.]
[You drink the water.]
[You drink the water.]
[You drink the water.]
[You piss into the coffee pot.]
[You fill five mugs with piss.]
[You're not sure why you've done this.]

devilsgarage responds:

dude, you are on a flow!


2015-02-09 09:21:35

dat 3D'ness

devilsgarage responds:

dank you


2015-02-09 15:02:04

Would be fun to interact with all that stuff... You could make an FBI cleanup game where you have to find all the dead bodies hidden in the house and remove them.

devilsgarage responds:

ha! That's a preety sweet idea, Tom. I might consider that


2015-02-10 02:04:31

I want to escape that room!


2015-02-10 04:33:01

Go for it! It looks wonderful.


2015-02-10 19:14:59

Love this art style.

devilsgarage responds:

thanks! Trying out something new