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devilsgarage's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 433 (From 129 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 6,110 Points

The Grocery Store

Food Poisoning Unlocked 5/29/14
5 Points
Poor Ren...
Beef Stew Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Warm and savory stew.
Chicken Penne Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Chicken and pasta! Delicious.
Chicken Pizza Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
With pesto and tomatoes!
Lettuce Wrap Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Noodles and lettuce?
Mystery Noodles Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Oodles of noodles and... stuff.
Mystery Rice Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Stir-fried with... stuff.
Mystery Soup Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Soup. With... stuff.
Pork Ramen Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Yummy, yummy noodles.
Spaghetti and Meatballs Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Hearty and filling.
Attack of the Kraken Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
It's not alive!
Chicken Curry Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
Nora's Favorite.
Fried Calamari Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
Crispy and crunchy, yet chewy.
Hamburg Steak Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
Easy and delicious to eat!
Pork Belly Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
Lots to eat! Meat, meat, meat.
Pork Buns Unlocked 5/29/14
25 Points
Soft and full of meaty goodness.
Cook 'em All! Unlocked 5/29/14
100 Points
Cooking up a frenzy!
Delicious Dinner 5 Points No whine and dine! Just dining.
Sleepy Success 5 Points Food coma galore.

Medals Earned: 17/19 (345/355 points)

The Gun Game: Redux

Campaign Trail Unlocked 3/28/15
25 Points
Complete all 24 campaign stages
Navigator 5 Points Click 200 buttons
Beginner 10 Points Earn 63 Novice medals
Enquirer 10 Points Play for 30 minutes
Target Hater 10 Points Destroy 500 targets
Enthusiast 25 Points Play for 1 hour
Gonna Need A Montage 25 Points Spend 60 minutes in the practice range
Addict 50 Points Play for 2 hours
Semi-Pro 50 Points Earn 63 Veteran medals
Challenge Pro 100 Points Earn 63 Expert medals
Master At Arms 100 Points Attain 100% game completion
Recidivist 100 Points Play for 3 hours

Medals Earned: 1/12 (25/510 points)

The Interview Codex

Knowledge Peeker Unlocked 3/27/13
5 Points
Visit the codex for the first time.
DEAD! 5 Points there all dead
EDD's 5 Points World
Hans off! 5 Points Can't touch this.
HE WOBBLES... 5 Points but he doesn't fall down
KFC 5 Points who you call'n chicken?
Knowledge Creeper 5 Points Visit the codex 10 times.
Knowledge Seeker 5 Points Visit the codex 50 times.
Mariachi Mang 5 Points ¿Dónde está mi cerveza
only $5 each 5 Points there you go... good bye!
orsppA 5 Points ???
Paradox 5 Points Who will interview the interviewmen?
PLEASE HELP! 5 Points The shade man has locked me in his basment, i am a 16 year old girl. The shade man wips me all day, send help, call the cops... I can get free. My balls are really sore. He is sick. I don't know how much longer I can go on.
Psycho? 5 Points maybe.
Secret pixel hand shake. 5 Points ...
Sexual Decapoda 5 Points Nephropidae
Supa Sumba Pawdy. 5 Points Cake and apple pie.
The bees Justin... 5 Points Why wount me baby drink his milk Justin?
This is madness! 5 Points Yes it is.
to mod, or not to mod? 5 Points that is the ummmm somthing...
YEAH... 5 Points I'm almost done.
FUL of P 10 Points hhhmmmmm.
Knowledge Keeper 10 Points Visit the codex 100 times.
THE KING OF THE PORTAL! 10 Points He will always be to me...

Medals Earned: 1/25 (5/140 points)

The Library

Abort Mission Unlocked 5/18/14
5 Points
Failure to find her targets.
Caught! Unlocked 5/18/14
5 Points
Not as out-of-sight as Nora thought.
Master of Disguises Unlocked 5/18/14
5 Points
No one would recognize Nora, or so she thought.
Nap Time Unlocked 5/18/14
5 Points
It was a nice book...
Ruined Dinner Unlocked 5/29/14
10 Points
Those chips were yummy, though...
Worried Big Sister Unlocked 5/18/14
10 Points
She's happy you're okay, though.
Doodle Master 25 Points Nora is best at drawing, or so she says.

Medals Earned: 6/7 (40/65 points)

The Love Letter

Ladies' Man Unlocked 3/7/12
25 Points
Finish the letter after bumping into every girl.
Heartless 5 Points Let the clock run out without reading the letter at all.
Teacher's Pet 5 Points Find the kitty.
Hall Monitor 10 Points Walk for at least 60 seconds without stopping.
Meddling Kid 10 Points Interrupt at least 10 conversations.
Procrastinator 25 Points Finish the letter with less than 5 seconds left.
Bookworm 50 Points Read for at least 45 seconds without stopping.
Speed Reader 50 Points Finish the letter in less than 90 seconds.
Germaphobe 100 Points Finish the letter without touching any students or walls.
Less Than Three 100 Points Finish the letter without more than 3 students ever seeing you at once.

Medals Earned: 1/10 (25/380 points)

The Possible Quiz

HALP! Unlocked 7/7/14
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Heartbroken Unlocked 7/7/14
5 Points
How could you say such a thing?
Not easy to fool Unlocked 7/7/14
5 Points
I will get you next time, you just wait!
Pimpin Unlocked 7/7/14
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Awww Unlocked 7/7/14
10 Points
You remembered
Punctuation Unlocked 7/7/14
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Accept No Substitute Unlocked 7/7/14
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Endurance Test Unlocked 7/7/14
25 Points
You made it!
The Improbable 50 Points I don't know how you did it, but you did.
Are you sure Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/10 (90/150 points)

The Revamp Collab

Alarm Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
The new clock
animePico Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Pico in his Anime form
BEEF BOY Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
You know meat boy! but do you know BEEF BOY?
Credits Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Daddy's Home Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Dad is dad and is in his home and dad of dad's home is also dad
Dead end Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
The last art in the collection
Lets Dance Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Dance with you favourite Tankman
New One Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Kermit KOM!!!
Next Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Peace Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
PICO man will maintain peace in the portal
Tankman Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
HE is from Future to save NG
The good one Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
Pico Is a good BOY
Toughness Unlocked 9/3/14
10 Points
THE DAD is coming
Done Unlocked 9/3/14
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Menu Unlocked 9/3/14
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Aim Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Hole Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
It's Hot Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Owner Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 15/19 (280/480 points)

The Room Tribute

The Johnny Unlocked 9/3/10
10 Points
Get Johnny's cafe order from the movie.
Best Friend Unlocked 9/3/10
25 Points
Best your friend.
Payback Unlocked 9/3/10
25 Points
It's a bitch.
Pusher Unlocked 9/3/10
25 Points
Push the hardest.
Rainmaker Unlocked 9/3/10
25 Points
Make it rain!
The Room Unlocked 9/3/10
25 Points
Find it.
Perfect Drug Unlocked 9/3/10
50 Points
Take down Chris R in three rounds.
Receiver Unlocked 9/3/10
50 Points
Catch the ball every time.
The Machine Unlocked 9/3/10
50 Points
Activate it.
Nastwich 10 Points Make a nasty sandwich.
Bookworm 25 Points Read EVERYTHING.
Bugged 25 Points Record EVERYTHING (and listen).
Destroyer 25 Points Smash EVERYTHING.
Runner 25 Points Win the race.
Quarterback 50 Points Make a perfect pass every time.
Unsee 50 Points See everything you shouldn't see.

Medals Earned: 9/16 (285/495 points)

The Woods

You Made Nora Cry... Unlocked 7/13/14
5 Points
You meanie.
Cake Glare 10 Points What a mean look from something so sweet.
Cake Roam 10 Points Too few to be a stampede, though.
Cake Run 10 Points Run! Run! Run away!
Cake Stare 10 Points Staring not-so-sweetly at you.
Dani and Nora 10 Points Sisterly love is a precious thing.
Dani and Ren 10 Points Love in a dream?
Ren and Cake 10 Points Playing with food is not fun for Ren.
Ren and Dino 10 Points Dinosaurs are kidnappers?
Ren and Squid 10 Points Can't eat them, can't get along with them.
Ren and Squid Story 10 Points Story time about Ren's woes.
Weed Killer 10 Points Nora the weed killer.
Cake Queen 25 Points Queen of the cakes!
Dino Friends 25 Points Dinosaurs are friends.
Eaten 25 Points A snack for cakes, oops...
Fire 25 Points WHY
Tea and Cookies 25 Points A lovely snack for two.
Little Fears 50 Points Nora probably still won't like Ren.
Nap Time 50 Points Food coma in a dream?
Toilet 50 Points ...Ew.
What Even 50 Points This sort of thing goes over Nora's head...

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/440 points)

Time Fcuk

Is something wrong? Unlocked 9/16/09
10 Points
get to lvl 9
Opinionated Unlocked 9/17/09
10 Points
vote on 3 maps
You've learned nothing 5 Points Get the bad ending
Everyone will leave you 10 Points get to level 28
You are your only companion in life. 10 Points get to level 22
Obsessed 25 Points Vote on 33 maps
Lost in forever 50 Points beat an explore campaign
The Assent 50 Points Get the good ending
O))) 100 Points Vote on 333 maps

Medals Earned: 2/9 (20/270 points)